“Lisa Luby Ryan is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman – the kind of leader we need in Austin to fight for jobs and a strong economy. I can count on Lisa to work with me to ensure a prosperous Texas future for generations to come. Please join me in supporting Lisa Luby Ryan for State Representative in Texas House District 114.”
Governor Greg Abbott


“I have known Lisa Luby Ryan for years now, and have come to appreciate her passionate commitment to conservative causes. When elected to the Texas House of Representatives, those passions will be released to ensure fiscal responsibility and personal empowerment.”
T. Boone Pickens


“Lisa Luby Ryan is an entrepreneur who has started and led successful businesses. That experience will serve her district and all of Texas well. I support her and look forward to working alongside her as State Representative.”
H. Ross Perot, Jr.


“Lisa Luby Ryan is a woman I can fully support to represent Texas House District 114 in the Texas Legislature. We need more Texas businesswomen in Austin working to keep Texas a great place to live, work and raise a family. Lisa understands the issues facing North Texans and will work to wisely facilitate the explosive growth in the Metroplex that affects us in so many ways, from infrastructure to education of our children. She is solution-oriented and understands the importance of a strong, free market economy. Texas has been good to me and our family business, let’s keep a good thing going!”
Maurine Dickey
Vice President
Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants


“I am pleased to lend my support to Lisa Luby Ryan for State Representative in District 114. Lisa is a solid businesswoman who will work with Gov. Greg Abbott to maintain the economic success we have enjoyed in Texas that makes us a world leader. She brings the kind of experience we need to keep Texas on the right path.”
Bob Rowling


Honorary Co-Chairs

Margaret Lewis
Tandy Mitchell
Roxanne Phillips


Finance Co-Chair

Brenda Pejovich


Business Leaders

Chuck Anderson

Barry Andrews

Col. (US Army-Ret.) John Antal

Leon Backes

Roy W. Bailey

George Bayoud, Jr.

Scott Beck

Lee Belland

Pryor Blackwell

Robbie Briggs

Drew Campbell

Lee J. Chapman

Richard H. “Dick” Collins

Doug Deason

Darren Eagle

John Eagle

Joe Foran

Gerald J. Ford

Sam Fritcher

Todd Furniss

Stan Graff

Klint Guerry

Stacy Hock

Bill Hutchinson

Bob Ikel

Jerry Jones

J. Keet Lewis

Michael Lunceford

Holt Lunsford

Matt Malouf

E. Pierce Marshall, Jr.

Mike McVean

Harriet Miers

Greg Miller

Norm Miller

Lee Roy Mitchell

John Niell

Trevor Pearlman

H. Ross Perot, Jr.

Gene Phillips

Kenney Pickens

T. Boone Pickens

Scott Rohrman

Bob Rowling

G. Brint Ryan

Carl Sewell

Cindy Brinker Simmons

John Steinmetz

Kenny Troutt

Steve Van Amburgh

Paul Wageman


Elected Officials

Hon. Greg Abbott
Governor of Texas

Hon. Ken Paxton
Texas Attorney General

Hon. Pete Sessions
US Rep. – CD32

Hon. Bob Hall
State Senator – SD2

Hon. Kelly Hancock
State Senator – SD9

Hon. Don Huffines
State Senator – SD16

Hon. Rodney Anderson
State Rep. – HD105]

Hon. Angie Chen Button
State Rep. – HD112

Hon. Linda Koop
State Rep. – HD102

Hon. Jodie Laubenberg
State Rep. – HD89

Hon. Morgan Meyer
State Rep. – HD108

Hon. Matt Rinaldi
State Rep. – HD115

Hon. Matt Shaheen
State Rep. – HD66

Hon. Ron Simmons
State Rep. – HD65

Hon. Drew Springer
State Rep. – HD68

Hon. Geraldine “Tincy” Miller
State Board of Edu. – District 12

Hon. John Carona
Former State Sen. – SD16

Hon. Carolyn Galloway
Former State Rep. – HD108

Hon. Kenn George
Former State Rep. – HD108

Hon. Will Hartnett
Former State Rep. – HD114

Hon. Bill Keffer
Former State Rep. – HD107

Hon. Scott Turner
Former State Rep. – HD33

Hon. Maurine Dickey
Former Dallas County Commissioner

Hon. Tom Leppert
Former Mayor of Dallas

Hon. Roy Coffee
Former Mayor of University Park

Hon. Mary Poss
Former Dallas Councilwoman – Dist. 9 & Mayor Pro Tem

Hon. Mitchell Rasansky
Former Dallas Councilman – District 13

Hon. Elizabeth Jones
Former DISD Trustee


Civic and Grassroots Leaders

Cathie Adams
Past Pres. – Texas Eagle Forum

Nick Adams
Founder – FLAG*

Sandy Ammons
Past Pres. – Park Cities Republican Women

Lt. Gen. (US Army-Ret.) Jerry Boykin
Family Research Council Action PAC

Tracye Bradford
Past Pres. – Dallas Eagle Forum

Gary Brandenburg
Co-Lead Pastor – Fellowship Bible Church Dallas*

Toni Brinker
Founder & CEO – Operation Blue Shield*

Minnie & Bill Caruth
W.W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation*

Danny Clancy

Cindy Clendenen
Past Pres. – Park Cities Republican Women

Christina Melton Crain
Former Chairwoman – TX Board of Criminal Justice*

Nate Crain
Former DCRP Chairman

Rev. Rafael Cruz

Chris B. Davis
Former SREC Committeewoman – SD16

Bob Driegert
Former DCRP Chairman

Rabbi Yerachmiel D. Fried*
Dallas Area Torah Association*

Margie Ford
Former SREC Committeewoman – SD23

Susan Fountain
President – Lake Highlands Republican Women

Brenda Gaustad
Past Pres. – Northwood Republican Women

Debbie Georgatos
Past Pres. – Park Cities Republican Women

Angie King
Past Pres. – Park Cities Republican Women

Rob Kyker
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement

Terry Lynch
Past Pres. – Park Cities Republican Women

Peggy Lundy
Campaign Communications Consultant

Denise McNamara
Former RNC Committeewoman

Robert Morris
Founding Senior Pastor – Gateway Church*

Judy Pollock
Past Pres. – Park Cities Republican Women

Virginia Prodan
SREC Committeewoman – SD16

Cobie Russell
Cobie Russell Studio, LLC

Chris Salcedo
WPAB Radio Host

Dr. Phil Schubert
President – Abilene Christian University*

Missy Shorey
Current DCRP Chairwoman

Vicki Slaton
SREC Committeewoman – SD2

Lisa Troutt
Founding Member – Council for Life

Todd Wagner
Senior Pastor – Watermark Church*

David Walls
Texas Values



Cindy & Joe Abbate

Arthur Abbey

Renea Abbott

Brent Acuff

Sylvia & Tea Acuff

JoAnn & Ben Adamcik

Stephen Adams

Ruth Adams

Carol Adams

Cathie Adams

Nick Adams

Barbara Adamson

Kathy Adcock-Smith

Arun Agarwal

Terry Aiken

Joseph Aitken

Imogene Akins

Lucianne Alderdice

Carole Alfonso

Tracy Allen

Julie & Jay Allen

Laura Allen

Esther & Joel Allen

Mary Claire & Court Alley

Angela Allin

Leona & Michael Alo

Joyce Altman

Maria Alvarez

Melissa & Jason Amick

Buff Amis

Anne Amis

Sandy Ammons

Linda & David Anderson

Debra & Jerome Anderson

Lorin Anderson

Charles Anderson

Dorrie Andrews

Patricia & Carl Andrews

Barry Andrews

Jocelyn Ansley

Leslie Apgar

Mary Appleton

Martha Archibald

Lisa & David Arlen

Jerilynn & Don Armstrong

Cara Arnold

Margaret & Bill Arnold

Elenora Asbury

James Ashby

Elsa & Robert Ashley

Kimberly Ashmore

Carey & Rick Austin

Barbara & Don Averitt

Janice & Robert Aycock

Karen Aylor

James Bahr

Rebekah & Kyle Bailey

Dan & Sue Bailey

Virginia Baird

Clayton Baker

Donald Baker

Lynda Balch

Jeff Ballard

Faye Ballard

Bridget & Joshua Bammel

Mary & Jack Bankhead

Sharon & Linton Barbee

Ewell Barber

Janice & John Barger

Chelsea Barlow

Rachel & Greg Barnes

Brian Barnes

Jenny Barnes

Mary Barnhill

Brad Barrett

Amanda Barringer

Darrell Barry

Charlotte Barto

William Bass

Ready Bateman

Lynda & Tony Bauer

Cameron Baxley

George Bayoud, Jr.

Deats Beaird

Martha Lou Beaird

Keith Beasley

Brittany Beasley

Jessica Beavers

Scott Beck

Amy Behrnes

Vicki & John Bejcek

Hagop Bekarian

Dannah Bekarian

James Bell

Brenda Bell

Michael Bell

Lee Roy Belland

Diane Benjamin

Diane Benjamin

Judy Bennett

Sondra & Gary Bennett

Tricia Besing

Randolph Best

Linda Bezner

Richard Bezner

Victoria Bezner

Amy & Michael Biavati

Kent Bicknell

Chad Biddinger

Beth & Bill Biesel

Pat Bingham

Colin Bjostad

Jeff Blackard

Sue & Pryor Blackwell

Kathy & James Blair

Linda Blake

Elena Blake

Julie & John Blankenship

Beth & Jerry Blanton

David Bock

James Bodie

Laura & Daniel Boeckman

Jack Boles

Eleanor & Jack Bolton

Phil Boone

Gladys & Patrick Booth

Amy Booth

Claire Boston

Mary Bosworth

Susan Boulden

Denis Boulle

Luke Bowen

Diane & Wayne Bower

Martha & Steven Box

William Boyd, Jr.

Tracye & Scott Bradford

Charles Bradley

Jimmy Bradley

Brad Bradley

Brian Bramhall

Gary Brandenburg

Dianna & Ed Bratton

W.L. Brawley

Sandra Breedlove

Valeria Brenes-Sala

Catherine Brewer

Victoria Bridges

Nancy Briggs

Robbie Briggs

Sheila Bright

Toni Brinker

Cindy Brinker Simmons

Julia Bristol

Elisabeth Brockie

Hon. Stephen Broden

Becky Brodersen

Deanna & Joe Broome

Lorraine Brown

Ulena & Edward Brown

Susan Brown

Susan Brown

Brenda Brown

Joel Brown

Mark Brown

Scott Brown

Gretchen & Kenneth Bryan

Kevin Bryant

Marguerite Buccino

Allison Buchanan

Doris Budge

Margaret Buell

Annis & Frank Buell

Ilonka & L George Burke

Robert Burns

Diane Burns

Dan Burns

Grady Burroughs

Thomas Burrows

Braden Busch

Nisha Byers

Theodore Byers

William Byers

Martha Byrd

Mary Byrd

Larry Byrd

Kimberley & Gregory Byrd

Shannon Cagnina

Peter & Becca Callan

Sharon Callison

Jo Ann Cameron

Vicki Campbell

Wendy Campbell

Nancy & Robert Campbell

Polly & Michael Campbell

Polly & Donovan Campbell

Drew Campbell

Bob & Gail Capps

Jenny Capritta

Ban Capron

Yesenia Cardenas-Colenso

Lucretia & David Cargill

Elka Carroll

Karan & Lenox Carruth

Ann & David Carruth

David Carruth

Maribeth Cartwright

Minnie Caruth

Cindi & David Castilla

Brianna Castillo

Phyllis Catton

Gloria Cecil

Aaron Ceder

Carolyn Cervenka

Martha & Michael Chalk

Ruth Chambers

Joan Chandler

Erin Chaney

Marianne & Thad Chapman

Patricia & W Cherry

Dianna & Wade Chessman

Emmagrace Chessman

Roy & Suzanne Childress

Linda Chiles-Simnacher

Shirley & John Chilton

Howard Chilton

Karena & Chad Chisholm

George Christ

Jill & Clayton Christian

Jason Ciarochi

Richard Clampitt

Cindy & Andy Clendenen

Brad Clendening

Janet Clesi

Sue & Alan Cobb

Amber Coben

Janis & Hon. Roy Coffee

Lisa Cohen

Camille Cohen

Robert Coke

Andrea Coker

Ellis Cokes

Marla Cokes

Jerry Coleman

Craig Collins

Rebecca Collins

Vanessa Collins

Gayla Collinsworth

Crystal Colombo

Kimberly Colonnetta

Pam & Dr. Jeff Colquitt

Kathleen & Thomas Comerford

Matthew Concha

Maren Concha

Andrea Conley

Laurie Connell

Sarah Conner

Rita & Ronald Conway

Christine & Brian Cook

Claudia Cook

Sheilagh Cooper

Elissa & Robert Cooper

Catherine Corbett

Joan Corbett

Juliette & Ross Coulter

Jane Cousins

Rene Cowles

Nancy Cox

Val & Jack Cox

Karen & Carl Cranford

Katie Crews

Keith Cross

Rebecca Crow

John & Janice Cruse

Billy Cue

Jane & Mike Cumiskey

Melanie & Robert Cummins

Kelly Ann Cunningham

Krista & Brian Curnutt

Carol Daley

Theresa Daniel

Meredith & John Daniel

Carl Daniels

Robin Daniels

Amy & John Darwin

Ken Davenport

Jayne Davenport

Lynn & William Davenport

Michael Davidson

Cynthia Davis

Michael Davis

Trudie & Gary Davis

Lindsey Davis

Chris Davis

Rachel Davis

AR Davis

Ruth Davis

Katy & Kevin Dayberry

Mary Dealey

John Dean

Elizabeth & Rex Deans

Doug Deason

Rachael & Robert Dedman

Pauline Dedrick

Jane DeFord

Sandra & Ronald Deford

Robert Delgado

Leslie Demler

Patti Denman

Kristina & Kent Densing

Yvonne Deprez

Mary Deshazo

Richard Devito

Caraline Dewald

Lynn & William Dickerson

Maurine Dickey

Debbie & Stan Dieckmann

Marcia & Timothy Diehl

Gloria & Lyle Digby

Van Dinger

Caitlin & Leonard Dirks

Tiffany Divis

Linda & Doug Dixon

Sue & Curtis Dobbs

Shannon Doherty

Pat Doing

Elizabeth & Jeffrey Donnell

Lissie & Steve Donosky

Julie Doran

Stacey & Kennan Dore

Robert Dorsey

Maria & Albert Doskey

Kay Dosterschill

Ann Dotson

Ramona & David Dresner

Tish & Mike Drinkwater

Judith Dryden

Judy Winger Due

Emily Dugan

Sarah & Thomas Dunning

Merit Dureau

Deb Dusenberry

John Eagle

Darren Eagle

Tina & Mark Early

Erica Eason-Hall

Marianne Easterling

Charlotte Echols

Frederick Edgar

Martha Edwards

Amy Egan

Shane Egan

Danielle Egan

Harold Eickholt

Joan Eleazer

Stacy & Andy Ellard

Ken Emanuelson

Becky & Richard Ernst

Andrew & Summer Estes

Shawn & David Estrada

Kathy Euseppi

Linsey Evans

Stephen Evans

Betty Evans

Michael Evans

Suzanne Everbach

Ronald Evert

Tom Fabry

Toni Fabry

Susan & Timothy Fair

Mitch Fairless

Thomas Fancher

Eugenia Farrow

Amanda Fehlman

Robert Felty

Cindy & Jeff Fentriss

Sarah & Mark Ferguson

Colleen & Jerald Ferguson

Libby Ferguson Deans

Iona Fernandes

Heather Fernandez-Stoll

Eugenia Fersing

Chitra & Joshua Fine

Patricia & Albert Henry Fink


Diana & Frank Finn

Mary Fitts

Kathleen & Kerry Fitzgerald

Renee Fitzpatrick

Cheri & Mike Fitzsimmons

Beverly Fleeger

Robert Fletcher

Dorothy Fletcher

Deede & Walter Fletcher

Ralyn Fletcher

Glenn Flinn

Jo Floyd

Nell Floyd

Martha Floyd

Philip Floyd

Michael Flusche

Nancy & Joe Foran

Marjorie Ford

Richard Ford

Martha & Henry Fordyce

Barbara Foreman

Alicia & Dr. Nace Formagus

Billie Jo Forrer

Marty Forte

Jane Foster

Reid Foster

Kim Foster

Susan Fountain

Nancy Fowler

Barbara & Stanley Fox

Wendy Fox

Jean & Fred Fraley

Kelly Fraley

John Francis

Brad Francis

Margie & Jonathan Frank

Karon & Scott Franklin

Randell Freeze

Ronald Freeze

Daniel Frid

Miriam & Randall Fried

Sharon Friedberg

Sam Fritcher

Linda & Steven Frost

Marilyn Fulbright

Patricia & William Fuller

Matthew Fuller

Betsy & Wilson Fuqua

Heather & Todd Furniss

Sharon Furrh

Blake Fusch

Madison Gafford

Stephanie Gales

Ruth Galiher

Joe & Kim Galindo

Mary Anne Gallagher

Hon. Carolyn & Bruce Galloway

Sandra Galvin

Amy & Steve Ganss

Caroline Garcia

Sarah Gardner

James Garner

Diann Garnett

Carolyn & Herb Garon

Kathy Garrett

Barbara Gary

Diane & Donald Gaskins

Joyce Gastler

Ivan Gatchik

Gillian Gatewood

Jeffrey Gatlin

Hailey Gatlin

Paige Gatlin

Brenda & Glenn Gaustad

Ruth Gay

Gaylynn Gee

Adriana Geffen

Susan & Michael Geller

Kathryn Gentry

Jan Gentry

Debbie & Eric Georgatos

Tricia & Honorable Kenn George

Christopher & Sally Geymuller

Dan Gibbs

Robert Gibson

Mary Margaret Gibson

Stacy Gibson

Dottie Giesler

Donald Gifford

Lois Gifford

Jennie & Tom Gilchrist

Susan & Jay Gillette

Robin & Nicholas Gilliam

Sara & John Gilliam

Thomas Giltner

Linda & Jerry Gimnich

Kathy & Mark Gist

Addison & Jordan Glaeser

Gretchen & James Glasgow

Dave Glavy

Lisa & Gregory Goin

Dana Golnick

Cheryl & Ed Golub

Jonathan Gonzales

Christiane González

Albert González

Dianne & Mark Goode

Susan Goodiel

Ronald Gooding

Toppy & Tony Goolsby

Courtney Gore

Patricia & Albin Grablun

Stan Graff

Pamela & James Graham

Shannon Graham

Jane Grant

Carmen and Kirk Grant

Darlene & Dwight Grantham

Evelyn Grau

Karen & Lee Graves

Sharon & Larry Gray

John Green

Mary Beth & Mike Gresham

Ellen Grigsby

Michael Grimshaw

Cynthia & Dennis Grubb

John D. Guandolo

Michael Gudat

John Guerra

Klint Guerry

Amanda & Dru Guillot

Christian Guillott

Cynthia & Mark Gulis

Jill & Michael Gunnels

Louise & Kyle Gunter

Sylvia Guzman

Theresa & Robert Gwinn

Shelley & Robert Haaker

Norman Haas

Margaret Haden

Lynette Hagaman

Isabell Haggar

Carolyn Hagler

Amy & Curtis Hail

H Hailey, Jr.

Amanda & Jim Hairston

Douglass Hale

Stephen Hall

Connor Hall

Terri Hall

Julie Halley

Frank Halovanic

Alan Hamill

Philip Hamilton

Janice Hamm

James Hammel

Shelly Hammer

William Hammond

Jackson Hammond

Dr. Mark R. Hanson

Tisha Hardcastle

Rebecca Hardy

Barbara Hargrove

Aaron Harris

Grace & Thomas Harrison

Vicki & Mike Harrison

Michele & Jerry Hart

Gretchen Hart

William Hart

Hon. Will Hartnett

Carol & Bill Haskins

Ken & Paula Hasle

James Hatcher

Thomas Hatfield

Gary Hawkins

Julie & Thane Hayhurst

Carol Haynes

Susan & John Hazelton

Barbara & James Hazlewood

Mary & William Heard

Tamra & Jesse Heath

Elizabeth & Harold Hebert

Rachel Helms

William Henderson

Sandra Henderson

Martha & George Hendon

Griffin Hendon

Janet & Bill Hendrix

Rhonda & Tim Henning

Ann & James Henry

Mackie & Ray Henry

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa

Theodore Herrmann, Jr.

Larry Herwig, DDS

David Hess

Lillian & Gregory Hessel

Lilli & James Hetherington

Ann Hettinger

Charlotte & Jeffrey Hickey

Heather Hicks

Robert Higgins

Francis Highley

Julie & Brody Hildebrand

Marianne & Johnson Hill

Sally Hines

Jennifer Hirschbrich

Chris Hite

Summitt Hogue

Tamra & Marc Holden

Dee Holley

Joseph Hollinshead

John Holloway

Michelle & Terry Holmes

Nancy Holzwarth

Dennis Holzwarth

Kelli Holzwarth

Clarence & Mary Hooper

Sharee Hooper

Leah Horn

Kyle Horn

Joanne & David Houck

Robert Houlihan

Beverly & John Houston

Robin & David Howard

Shirley Howard-Piercy

Jane & Thomas Howell

Dulany Howland

Vicki Howland

Amy Howsley

Jeffrey Howsley

Stephen Howsley

Agnes & Albert Hrubetz

Debbie & John Hubble

Leslie Huber

Ruth & Marcus Hudman

Eileen Hudnall

Matt Hudnut

Linda & Philip Huffhines

Allen Huffines

Launa Huffines

Don Huffines

Michael Huggins

Monica Huggins

Leah Huggins

Barbara & John Hughes

Gary Hughes

Beverly Hughes

Caroline Hunt

Greg Hustis

Laura & Bob Ikel

Mary & Robert Ingle

Nina Ireton

Leslie Irons

Mileidy Jackson

Kirby Jackson

Herman Jackson

Chris Jackson

Doris Jacobs

Mary Jalonick

Lynne James

Donald Jancauskas

Amy & Benjamin Jared

Vincent Jarrard

Virginia & Michael Jarrell

Brian Jenison

Linda & Jim Jenkins

Doug Jenkins

David Jensen

Sally & Kenneth Jilek

Agnes & Brenton Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Barry Johnson

Carolyn & James Johnson

Jerry Johnson

Lillian Johnson

Dianne & Kevin Johnson

David Johnson

Lucy Johnson

Deana & Patrick Johnston

Hon. Elizabeth & Larry Jones

Susan & Jay Jones

David Jones

Cynthia Jones

Joel Jones

Ramona Jones

Shannon Jones

Jill & James Jordan

Ray Jordan, Jr.

Jeff Joyner

Andrea Judkins

Bridget Jung

Tresha Kaigler

Brenda & Thomas Kanuch

Debora & John Karl

Lu Katopody

Russ Kaufmann

Erin Kaufmann

Jamie Kaufmann

Kenneth Kaup

Ruth Kay

Jeff Keech

Craig Keeland

Tom Keener

Honorable Bill Keffer

Sharon & Melvin Keierleber

Michael Keith

John Keller

Marcia Kemmerly

Marilyn & Ren Kendzior

Diane Keoun

Jennie & Tom Kesler

Fara Keyvanfar

Fran Khan

Ann Kibler

Kristina Kiik

Urve Kiik

William Kimball

Carol & Jeffery King

Terry King

Scotton King

Rosy King

Merrie Ann King

Paula King

Jake King

Kim & John Kinzer

Lori & Gary Kircher

Kim Kirkegaard

Debra & Gordon Kirkpatrick

Barbara Kitchen

Erica Kite

Kathleen & Terry Kittleson

Michelle & Glen Kitto

Peter Klassen

Dr. Steven Klayman, DC

Molly Klinger

Ida Knapp

Pam Knapp

Michael Knebel

Brenda Knee

Barbara & Jerry Knippa

Damaris & Don Knobler

Gary Knodle

Rita Knox

George Kobdish

Carolyn Kobey

Sarah Koldyke

John Korinek

Jeffrey Kowitz

Claire Kozlow

Ann & Phil Kozlow

Verdell & Bill Krisher

Stacey Kromer

Theresa Kwoh

Rob Kyker

Darline & James Labar

Maureen & Leonard Labiche

Kylette Lacy

Joyce Lail

Melody & Wesley Lake

Matt Lambro

Bonnie Lammers

Lyle Land

Lucy & Richard Lane

Tom Lane

Richard Lanham

Virginia Lanham

Honey Lanham

Mary & Robert Lankford

Shirley Lanz

Kirk Launius

Katherine & Julius Laurenzi

Cadmus Lawson

Amie Lay

Norma Laycock

Robert Lea

Marcie Leal

Trudie Leblow

Rebekah Lentz

Laura Leppert

Kay & Tom Lewis

Bob Lewis

Margaret Lewis

Caroline Lewis

Keet Lewis

Ruth Lewis

Derek Lewis

Jeanne & George Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

Emmanuel Lewis

Marilea & Dan Lewis

Theresa & Russell Lilly

Cathy Linder

Vicki & Samuel Line

Dorothy & MG Lipscomb

Jeff Lisle

Vicky Little

Maxwell Little

Russell Livingston

Paige Rippey Locke

Chuck Locke

Kim & John Locus

George Locus

Sarah Locus

Gail & Peter Loeb

Stephanie & Ben Logan

Paulette Lollar

Mary & James Lomonaco

Judy Long

Jill Long

Beau Longino

Lacy & John Lowry

Carolyn Loy

Ivette Lozano

Casey Luby

Kyle Luby

Sarah Jo Luby

Catherine & Chuck Lundberg

Peggy Lundy

Rebecca Lutz

Andy Lydick

Denise Lyman

Joe Lynch

William Lynch

Susan & Dennis Lynch

Terry Lynch

Marty Macon

Sheila & James Madden

Martha Maddox

Diane Magary

Lynn & Mike Mahurin

Frances & James Mallow

Janice Malmgren

Claire & Dave Manigold

Suzanne Manos

Marilyn Mansfield

Karen & Sam Marabella

Janet Mariani

Ray Marr

Luis Marroquin

Susan & Jim Mars

Brenda Marsh

Ann & Frederick Marsh

Bob Marshall

Julie & James Marshall

Ralph Marshall

E. Pierce Marshall, Jr.

Cari & Jimmy Martin

Joe Martin

Matthew Martin

Kathryn Martin

Jennifer Martin

Mary Marshall Martinez

Fabio Martins

Lynda Martyn

Patricia & Hart Mason

David Mason

Morgan Mason

Sandra & Roy Massey

Samuel Matassa

Dan Matise

Julianne & Brad Matthys

Tamara Mattison

Eleanor & Charles May

Euna Mayo

Jan & Robert McAfee

Victoria McBain

David McBee

Daniel McCabe

Colette McCadden

Susan & Dale McCall

Rose McCall

Tom McCasland

Kim McClure

Morgan McComb

Cathleen McCown

Beverly & Donald McCoy

Kristie McCrary

Kay & Rick McCrary

Gail & Owen McCrory

Janelle & Joseph McDaniel

Sandra & Bobby McDonald

Pam & Brett McDonald

Sandy McDonough

Susie McDonough

Sharon & Frank McEachern

Don McElfresh

Craig McGee

Meredith McGroarty

Shirley & Bill McIntyre

Deborah & Harold McKeever

Leanne McKinley

Jonathan McKinnon

Lois & Mike McMorran

Denise McNamara

Mike McVean

Blair McWay

Michael Mead

John Meagher

Tommy Medina

Lorie Medina

Mary Melle

Maurice Melvin

Joanne & Clark Mendenhall

Marie Merritt

Harrison Merritt

Beverly Merritt-Hensley

Joyce Messerly

Meredith & Chris Messick

Deanna Metzger

Michelle Mew

Diane Meyrat

Thierry Meyrat

Scott Michael

Sally Michael

Ryan Michael

Leah Middlebrook

Steve Middlebrook

Jan Mikol

Alison Miller

Mary & Bill Miller

Carolyn & James Miller

Ann & Norm Miller

Samantha Miller

Robert Miller

Stephen Miller

Kay Miller

Kim & Greg Miller

Cuc & Terry Mitchell

Margaret & Aaron Mitchell

Willis Mitchell

Lee Roy Mitchell

Tandy Mitchell

Patti Mitchell

John Moffett

Betty Montague

Mark Montgomery

Christal & Henry Moomaw

Barbara Moore

Chaowanee Moore

Randy Moore

Robert Moore

Charlotte Moore

Steve Moore

Janelle Moore

Mary & Michael Moran

Kathy Moran

Dan Morenoff

Patsy & Thomas Morey

Laulie Morgan

Gail & Dan Morgan

James Morris

Nadine Morris

Stephany & Michael Morrow

Carrie & Jason Morski

Kay Morton

Carey Moseley

Judy & David Moseley

Paul Moser

Anne Moses

Erika Moss

Robert Mounts

Amie & Andrew Moyer

Lynn & Mike Muharin

Traci & Darren Muirheid

Terry Munday

Robert Munn

Lou Murchison

John Murray

Mindy & David Myers

Carolyn Naile

Nathan Nash

Carl Neels

Dorothy Neighbor

Wanda Neill

Patrick Neligan

Pat & Kurt Nelson

Daniel Nelson

Kathy & Charles Nemec

Maria & Timothy Nesbitt

Jeannie & David Nethery

Eric Neubauer

Nancy & Joseph Neuhoff

Jennifer Newbold

Mariann & Paul Newell

Diana Newsom

Alsey Newton

Kathrynelle Newton

Stacy Newton

Nancy & Wallace Nicholson

Laura & Zachary Niesman

Leslee & Bill Noble

Sandra & Marshall Northington

JoAnn & Dee Norton

Michael Notzon

Elzbieta & Marek Nowak

Victoria Nugent

Phillip Oakes

Barbara & Roby Odom

Mary & Thomas Odwyer

Cathy & Kyle Ogden

Kyle Ogden

Joan & Charles Ollar

Susan & John O’Neal

Adryan & Timothy O’Niel

Nancy Orr

Trina Oshman

Carolyn Ostroff

Stephanie Oulundsen

Gabriella & Glenn Owen

Cynthia & Lloyd Oxley

Eola & Thomas Pace

Suzanne & Donald Padgett

Janus Palmer

Ted Pancerz

Grace Paris

Margot & Christopher Parker

Kathleen Parker

Tanya & Del Parker

Joshua Parker

Michelle & Dr. Thornwell Parker

Martha Parks

Sarah Parks

Geramie Parrish

Lisa Parro

Gala Partlow

Kiki Paschall

Bev & Matt Patrick

Ruth Patterson

Christine Paul

Linda & Thomas Payne

Linda & Don Pearce

Rebecca & George Pearson

Clint Pearson

Susan & Steve Pejovich

Brenda Pejovich

Mary & Kenneth Peltier

Jon Pendergrass

Andrew Pendleton

Cynthia Penley

Alexis & Richard Penn

Barbara Perry

Nikki & Frank Peterman

David Peters

Mary & Colin Peters

Christopher & Jan Phalen

Roxanne & Gene Phillips

Katherine Phillips

Jacki Pick

Kenney Pickens

T. Boone Pickens

Jennifer & Tony Pickens

Pamela Pickens Grace

Pam Pierce

Donald Piercy

Lindy Pilgrim

Natalie Pilkinton

Patrick Pittman

Carolyn Pittman

Marilyn Platts

Terri & Chester Plauche

Lydia Player

Gigi & Jerry Poglitsch

Anne & Clyde Pogson

Sunny Polito

Judy Pollock

George Pond

Patricia & Robert Pope

Michele & Jeffrey Porter

Shelby Porter Ricketts

Mary Poss

Carol & George Poston

Nancy & Clyde Potts

Wanda Powell

Peggy & Boone Powell

Jordan Powell

Tiffney Pratt

Rebecca & Cliff Pratt

Kay & James Preddy

Emma Prince

Hanna Pritchett

Virginia Prodan

Roger Pryor

Sarah & Sheldon Publicover

Vince E. Puente, Sr.

Randy Pulitzer

Rubye & Ralph Pulley

Mary Ann & Jimmy Purse

Ann & Bill Quest

Julie & Ben Quine

Sheri & James Quisenberry

Linda & David Quisenberry

Kelly Radant

Robbie Radant

Will Radford

Alexandria Rahn

Allyson & Steve Rahn

Lillie & Eugene Ralph

Bonnie Kate Ralston

Olivia Ramsey

Cathy & Russ Ramsland

David Ramsour

Susan Rankin

Mitchell Rasansky

Mary Jo Rausch

Tracy & Andy Rawlings

Kathleen Ray

Noah Raymond

Lori Read

David Reed

Diane Reed

Susan Regan

Laura Reichardt

Myra & Richard Reichl

Joseph Rende

Marty Rendleman

Michelle & Ryan Rendleman

Robert Renteria

Ray Rhinehart

Elizabeth Rhoades

James Rhoades

Mary Rhoades

Bettye & Gordon Rice

Janie Richard

James Richardson

Liz & Jim Richardson

Jerry Ridnour

Corley & Matt Rinaldi

Denise Ringer

Billie Leigh Rippey

Laura & John Roach

Heather Roberts

Jack Roberts

Cynthia & Tim Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson

Corey & John Robnett

Gregory Robuck

Mary Katherine & Christopher Roby

David Rockwell

Lauren Roe

Samuel Rogers

Linda Rogers

Lynn & Gene Rogers

Jennifer Rogers

Diana Rohn

Laura Rohrman

Scott Rohrman

Lisa & Dennis Roossien

Jack Roper

Becky & Bill Rose

Mark Rose

Susan Rose

Sheldon Rosenberg

Dona & Russ Rosene

Margaret Rosenfield

Debi & Keith Ross

Jay Rosser

Tiffany & Jeff Rossics

Sandy & Tommy Rouse

Chanda & William Rousseau

Robert Rowling

Eva Royer

Kim Rozell

Margie Rozell

Frank Rumbauskas

Mary Ruppe-Hawkins

Carolyn Rush

Phillip Russel

Linda & Bill Russell

Jay Ryan

Patricia Ryan

Deborah Ryan

Amanda & G. Brint Ryan

Gigi Potter Salley

Abraham Salum

Jill & Eric Samaniego

Roberto Sanchez

Madeline Sanders

Penny Sanders

Elaine & Pat Sandilands

Sharon & Robert Sandlin

Adana & Sam Sanford

George Santa Cruz

Jessica Santiago

Sally Santry

April Sauceda

John Sauceda

Javier Sauceda

Michelle & Alan Sauerbrei

Jakey Saunders

Andrew Savoie

Mary & James Schaffer

Mrs. & Dr. Gregory B Scheideman

Kendall & Craig Schenkel

Barry Schlech

Myrna & Bob Schlegal

Jackie Schlegel

Katy Schlomach

Shelia Schlosberg

Janet & Jeff Scholl

Ann Schooler

Clay Schreiner

Justin Schroeder

Dr. Phil Schubert

Karen Schwalb

David Schwalb

Allen Schwartz

Melinda Scoggins

Talley Scott

Allison Seager

Cheryl Seager

Diane & Scott Sealy

Patricia & Thomas Seay

Emily & Harold Secker

Molly & John Seeligson

Errold Seiler

Nellie & Guy Senter

Cynthia Seskes

Peggy Sewell

Carl Sewell

Barbara & Peter Seymour

Douglas Shackelford

Kelly Shackleford

George Shafer

Lisa Sharp

George Shearin

Patty & Nathan Sheets

Bonnie Shelby

Lynne & Ray Sheldon

Donna Shelton

Linda & Thomas Shelton

Elise Sher

Nancy Shoaf

Jack Shoemate

Emily Shoop

Laura Shoppa

Joseph Shoptaw

Mary & Mark Shores

Missy Shorey

Genie & Gary Short

Brian Shoults

Heather & Matt Shouse

Allan, N. M.D. Shulkin

Natalie & Joe Siegel

James Sigler

Mary & Jack Sikorski

Lisel & Michael Simmons

Amy Simmons Crafton

Clayr Simnacher

Alice & Charles Simonton

Brandi Sinclair

Jim Singer

Barbara Singer

Angela Singletary

Grant Skeldon

Donna Skell

Mary & Bill Sladek

Vicki & Mike Slaton

Margaret Sloan

Charlotte Smith

Jane & Greg Smith

Jane & Henry Smith

Louise & Mac Smith

Lynell & David Smith

Mary & Michael Smith

Pamela Smith

Sharon Smith

Shirley Smith

Stephanie Smith

Van Smith

Violet Smith

Forrest Smith

Ally & Jason Smuland

Suzi & James Snoddy

Juliana Snowden

Wesley Snyder

Paige Sowden

Don Spak

Art Sparks

David Spearman

Terri Speicher

Ione Spencer

Eryn Springer

Jean St Martin

Horace Staggs

Sanka & Brett Stalcup

Eunice Stambaugh

Daphne & Hon. Stephen Stanley

Susan & Thomas Stanzel

Helen & Dennis Starek

Ashlea Stares

Karen & Joel Starnes

Barb Stauffer

Aliza & Reid Stein

John Steinmetz

Mindy Stenger

Regina Stephens

Cheryl & Greg Stephens

Peggy Stephens

Christopher Stephens

Susan Sterling

Star Stevens

Chad Stewart

David Stidham

Lori & Gary Stone

Ruth Stout

Rosaida Stover

Amy Straus

Milt Strong

Cooper Stuart

Lindsay Sturm

Lane Sullivan

Mari Sullivan

Robert Sundmaker

Jeffrey Susman

Debbie & Gary Swaner

Carolyn Swann

Sandra & Frank Sweeney

David Swift

Andrea Swift-Torian

Stacey Taggart

Robert Tapia

Mauri & James Tardy

Timothy Taylor

Lyndon Taylor

Dane Taylor

Trinka Taylor

Julia & Ronnie Taylor

Diane Teigen

Becky & Reed Terry

Martha & Robert Thomas

Janice Thomas

Mary Thompson

John Thompson

Janice & Brad Thompson

Janie Thompson

Gary Thompson

Bonnie Thomson

Lynette & James Thweatt

Sherrie Timmins

Martha & James Tiner

Linda & Jack Tinsley

Frank Tobin

Judy & Dan Tomlin

Abbie & Todd Tomlin

Mark Torian

Christina Torre

Olga Torres

Gloria Tostado

Deborah & Daniel Town

Mendy & Logan Treadaway

Jason Trevino

Mary Jane & Jay Trimble

Pat & Richard Trimble

Lisa & Kenny Troutt

Diane & Jim Truitt

Rick Tubb

Faye & Robert Tubbs

Suzan Tujague

Brandon Turley

Sylvia & Dennis Turnbull

Mary Jane & Jeff Turner

Nancy Turner

Robin & Hon. Scott Turner

Carroll Turpin

Barbara & Fred Underwood

Brad Underwood

Anne & Nathan Ungarean

Polly & Doug Urquhart

Annette Valdes Duncan

Kyle Valentine

Lee Ann & Steven Van Amburgh

Christy & Scott Van Duinen

Paula Van Wagoner

Marjorie & David Vanderpool

May & Jim Vasek

Neal & Stephanie Vasso

Jennifer & Roger Vermeulen

Margaret & Joe Vickrey

Lorraine & Maurice Villere

Susan & John Vujovich

Deb & Jim Waggoner

Nancie and Alden Wagner

Alex & Todd Wagner

Walker Wagner

Larry Wainer

Kelly & David Walker

Sammy Walker

Johnny Wall

James Wallace

David Walls

Grant Walsh

Cindy Walsworth

Chad Walter

Dayme & Marcus Walther

Amanda Ward

Donna Warren

Christopher Warrick

Barbara & Roy Washburn

Isaac Watemberg

Rosie & Charlie Waters

Suzanne Watkins

Violet Watson

Dr. Paul Weatherall

John Weaver

David Weaver

Stephenie Webbs

Walter Webbs

Angela Weber

Cindy Weber

Allister & Daniel Webster

Randal Weeks

David Weidman

Steve Weinberg

Dennis Weirman

Anne & Virgil Weisner

Jennie & Daniel Weizel

Mary Welch

Barry Wernick

Sheryl & Stuart Wernick

John West

Brooke & Walker West

Deborah Westergaard

Virginia Weyrens

Mary Kay & Lawrence Whaley

Aysha White

David, Lisa, & Nicolai Whittemore

Beverly Whittington

Donna & David Wildman

Mary & James Wilhelmi

Martha & Harley Willett

Quenton Willett

Thelma Williams

Lauryn Williams

Gordon & Kandis Williamson

Ann Willis

Sue & Don Wills

Laura Wilson

Susie & Jerry Wilson

Mona & Tim Wilson

Kay Winkler

Cynthia & David Winston

Toni Wirth

David Wirth

Vickie Wise

Marj Witherspoon

Gary & Marj Witherspoon

Marion Witt

Tish & Ron Witten

Julie Wood

Cookie & Arthur Wood

Blake Woodall

Laura Woodall

Kelly & Will Woods

Linda Woolley

Nancy Wright

David Yates

Pamela Yeatts

Ruth & Joe York

Debbie & Bill Youman

Preston Young

Regina & Gregory Zagurski

Nancy Zally

Phyllis & Audris Zidermanis

John Zipper

Ray & Virginia Zumwalt


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